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Title: "Campbell's Soup 2 - Chicken n Dumplings"

Medium:  Sunday B Morning edition 54/1500

Provenance: Stamped verso and Numbered original certificate 

Image Size: 89cm x  58.5cm
Art Condition: Excellent

Andy Warhol (1927 - 1987)

AU$2,200.00 Regular Price
AU$1,550.00Sale Price
  • It was during the 1960s that Warhol began to make paintings of famous American products such as "Campbell's Soup Cans" from the Campbell Soup Company and Coca-Cola, as well as paintings of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Troy Donahue, and Elizabeth Taylor. He founded "The Factory", his studio during these years and gathered around himself a wide range of artists, writers, musicians, and underground celebrities. He switched to silkscreen prints which he produced serially, seeking not only to make art of mass-produced items but to mass produce the art itself.

    By minimizing the role of his own hand in the production of his work and declaring that he wanted to be "a machine", Warhol sparked a revolution in art. His work quickly became very controversial and popular. Warhol's work from this period revolves around American Pop (Popular) culture, like Roy Lichtenstein. He painted dollar bills, celebrities, brand name products and images from newspaper clippings - many of the latter were iconic images from headline stories of the decade (e.g. photographs of mushroom clouds, and police dogs attacking civil rights protesters).

    His subjects were instantly recognizable and often had a mass appeal This aspect interested him most, and it unifies his paintings from this period. Take, for example Warhol's comments on the appeal of Coke

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