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Title: Touch Me
Medium: Acrylic, screenprint and oilstick on canvas
Size: 112 x 138 cm 
Frame Dimensions: 112 x 138 x 5 cm (height x width x depth)

Signed: Signed Doug Bartlett upper left

Condition: Excellent. Comes with string and D-rings ready to hang.

Doug Bartlett

  • Doug Bartlett is a collaboration between artists Nick Morris and Dave Bowers.
Working out of Torquay, Victoria, they produce wildly coloured neo pop art. The process is raw, free and unplanned. They slap down slabs of colour and layer images at random. Much of the initial work doesn’t survive because the rule is: ‘paint over anything, and the other one can’t protest’. Whole vistas appear and disappear. Hours of work are swept away with one sweep of a brush. This process of creation and elimination continues until they agree the painting is finished. The canvases are a free-flowing exchange of random images and themes using stencils, spray paint, silkscreen, acrylic, oil stick and collage. The raw material is gleaned from popular culture, including quotes from spam, advertising and gossip magazines. This balance of chaos and control, this sparky tension when two styles meet, explains Doug Bartlett’s irresistible appeal.

    Nick Morris and Dave Bowers graduated from Monash University (Caulfield) in 1986, both with Diplomas in Graphic Design. They have worked together in the Street / Surf / Art subculture since creating clothing label “UMGAWA” in 1990. After selling the UMGAWA label, Morris worked as art director for Quiksilver. He then launched “anyhow”, his own freelance design company in Torquay. Bowers became a regular Mambo artist, as well as working as an illustrator and musician.

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